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Locate Favorite Films and Celebrities with the Database

At some time, everyone has tried without success to recall the name of a certain movie or what part a particular actor played. With, it’s easy to recover the name of a film and the celebrities who acted in it.

The creator of is a movie enthusiast and saw a need for a way to identify movies in a new and visual way. The result was that provides assistance with those movie memory lapses everyone encounters.

Users enter an actor’s first or last name and the site will offer suggestions. When an actor has been selected, users hit the "next" button and a photo of the actor will be displayed along with a first page of possible co-stars. Once users click on a co-star, the site displays a list of movies, with a photo, in which both actors performed together.

A short synopsis is provided for each movie. Clicking on a photo of the movie will take users to where more information is offered and the film can be purchased if desired.

The site can be accessed with a desktop computer and a mobile version is available. The site provides an easy and entertaining way of finding information on a wide variety of movies, while aiding individuals in overcoming those temporary lapses of memory with which everyone is familiar. It’s also an ideal means of locating other movies that a favorite celebrity has worked in for the user’s future viewing pleasure.

The website maintains a comprehensive database of actors that spans the decades from the era of silent films to modern day blockbusters. includes silent film celebrities such as Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish and Charlie Chaplin, to those who have found success in modern films that includes Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to locate any celebrity and the movies in which they acted, and every genre is represented. It’s an entertaining way of locating anyone’s favorite films and celebrities.

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Here is a quick visual walkthrough: YouTube Video

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Nov 07, 2015
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Sep 14, 2015
startled guy NEW
by: Anonymous

there is a scene where a guy is startled and he throws his hand up and goes "FFFHHTTTPPPP" and falls down.
what movie is it?

Apr 01, 2013
looking to identify a movie NEW
by: Anonymous

Cannot recall the titler who starred in it. Set in WWII in the Pacific. horribly done, obviously a goverment financed and very racists against the Japanese. Set on an island nominally ruled by two estranged sisters maybe twins, one cute who showed alot of leg and llied with the Americans. The evil sister did a hedious dance, wore beneath the knee skirts and while dancing would point at one of the islanders over whom she nominally ruled, and on cue the other islanders would pick up the victum of the evil Japanese allied sister and throw the poor guy down the throat of a volcano. Set problems caused to volcanos to be only six feet tall, island also had man eating plants! Anyone who knows the name of this movie please email me

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