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If you're a fan of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series (recently made more popular than ever with the HBO series Game of Thrones), you'll want to check out two fan sites that are dedicated to an ...

Publish Date: 08/18/2011 9:15

Game Of Thrones Author George RR Martin Interview @ A Taste Of Westeros Food Truck Day #5 http

Adaptation of George R.R. Martin's Skin Trade Picks Up Heat ...

A project we have been following since 2009 is taking advantage of a certain HBO television series' success. George R.R. Martin's "The Skin Trade" is coming to the screen, eventually, from the Mike the Pike Productions. ...

Publish Date: 08/17/2011 3:00

Interview with 'Game of Thrones' Author/Producer George R.R. ...

I'm on vacation this week and next, but thanks to the magic of technology, I've pre-posted a two-part interview with George R.R. Martin, the man.

Publish Date: 08/11/2011 9:00

Interview with 'Game of Thrones' Author/Producer George R.R. ...

When my initial review of 'Game of Thrones,' which was decidedly mixed, appeared online, one of the responses I saw on the Internet amused and.

Publish Date: 08/12/2011 9:00

George RR Martin talks about casting Game of Thrones (HBO) and selling his books

George RR Martin talks to Access Hollywood about the casting for HBO´s "Game of Thrones" and selling his book series "A Song of Ice and Fire". Season 2 of "Game of Thrones" premieres Spring 2012. It's time to do your duty like the brave folks of the ...

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