by Nelson Lugo
(New York, NY, USA)

For Immediate Release

New York, NY

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Part of the New York International Fringe Festival, a production of the Present Company

Venue #9: The Ellen Stewart Theater at La Mama

66-68 4th St. (btw 2nd Ave & Bowery)

Wednesday, August 17, 2:00pm,

Saturday, August 20, 3:15pm

Thursday, August 25, 5:15pm,

Friday, August 26, 9:15pm

Saturday, August 27, 5:45pm

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Tickets: $15in advance $18 at the door.

No latecomers will be admitted into any FringeNYC performances

For tickets visit www.FringeNYC.org

Epic Win Burlesque, the nerdiest burlesque show in New York City, is proud to present The Star Debate: Trek vs. Wars as part of the 14th annual New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC). There will be five performances at The Ellen Stewart Theater at La Mama in the East Village.

With The Star Debate, Epic Win Burlesque’s co-producers Schäffer the Darklord and Nelson Lugo host a sexy symposium to settle one of the most impassioned nerd arguments of our time: Which science fiction franchise is superior, Star Trek or Star Wars?

The hosts will each present a case for their chosen franchise, calling upon New York City’s finest and foremost burlesque beauties to illustrate their points.

Leading the charge for Team Trek will be New York vaudevillian Nelson Lugo, with "evidence" provided by tantalizing Trekkies Lefty Lucy, Miss Mary Cyn, Victoria Privates, Hazel Honeysuckle, and Fem Appeal. The sexy support will span the Star Trek series—from Kirk and Uhura to Data to 7 of 9—and will even include the starship Enterprise itself.

Arguing on behalf of Star Wars will be nerdcore rapper Schäffer the Darklord and his team of sultry Siths Magdalena Fox, BB Heart, Nasty Canasta, Hard Corey, and Rosey La Rouge. Here, too, evidence will come from across the Star Wars spectrum and will include appearances by Han Solo, Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, and Darth Maul.

Since Epic Win Burlesque’s hosts will play the parts of opposing counsel, the audience will play the part of jury. Indeed, each evening’s "winner" will be determined by audience vote, and although there can be only one victor, all of the nerds in attendance will unite and rejoice in the majestic spectacle of space boobs.

Epic Win Burlesque is using Kickstarter to fund the FringeNYC production of The Star Debate and will be accepting funds until Friday August 5. Rewards for donations range from signed Epic Win Burlesque stickers to five pounds of comic books from the producers’ personal collections to a 30-second custom recording of Schäffer the Darklord’s voice to be used as a very nerdy voicemail greeting or ringtone.

This debate was originally staged in September 2010 at the Tank in Manhattan, but no clear winner emerged. Each sold-out audience was dominated by a different fandom—Trekkies ruled the first evening, prompting Star Wars Fans to strike back on the second. Now it’s up to the FringeNYC audiences to determine the superior star series. There will be five Fringe Festival presentations of The Star Debate in August 2011--each a new chance for victory for a science fiction lovers (and haters) to vote for their favorite franchise.

While science fiction enthusiasts will likely line up for the Star Debate, those unfamiliar with the Star Wars/Star Trek controversy will still be entertained by the vaudevillian elements of the show, from lively banter, song and dance, and sexy striptease. This is a show that Wired.com called “unabashedly nerdy, and often unabashedly naked…with creative performances, good costuming (or lack thereof) and an indomitable nerd spirit.”

In other words, when hot naked nerds battle, everybody wins.

May the force live long and prosper.

For further information, interviews, cast photos, and more, contact Nelson Lugo at 646-209-1817


About Epic Win Burlesque

Epic Win Burlesque is the brainchild of nerdcore hip-hop artist Schäffer the Darklord and vaudevillian Nelson Lugo, who shamelessly and lovingly embrace their geekiest interests to co-produce and host epic evenings of nerd-themed burlesque. These wildly popular events are filled with music, laughs and magic...but mostly scantily clad burlesque beauties paying homage to some of their most beloved pastimes.

Since forming in 2009, Epic Win Burlesque has produced sexy and geeky tributes to electronic interactive entertainments (“Video Game Vixens”), Saturday morning animation (“CARTOONS!”), the caped crusader ("Holy Sh*t...BATMAN!"), Ghostbusters ("GHOSTBUSTERS!") and bloody movies (“Rated R for Violence!”). They’ve also stormed the stages of a Harry Potter festival in New Hampshire, a nerdcore music festival in Orlando, Florida and sold out multiple shows in Washington, DC. Epic Win Burlesque performers have been featured on io9, Asylum.com, Wired.com. In 2010, UK magazine Bizarre ran a special feature on the performers of Epic Win Burlesque, including a four-page photo spread.

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