Curved Space - The Adventures of Stella Star

by Richard Dean
(Indiana, United States)

CURVED SPACE - THE ADVENTURES OF STELLA STAR heralds the return of famed cult space heroine, Stella Star, with nine all-new adventures from an international field of the brightest new writing talent in the universe today!
With amazing cover and interior art by acclaimed fantasy artist Robin Grenville-Evans and forewords from both STARCRASH writer/director Luigi Cozzi and Caroline ("Stella Star") Munro, CURVED SPACE - THE ADVENTURES OF STELLA STAR is the cult sci-fi literary event of this, or any other, millennium!
Featuring Stories By: Luigi Cozzi (Italy - Writer/director - STARCRASH, CONTAMINATION and HERCULES) Tom Berdinski (USA - Writer/director - ITALIAN ZOMBIE MOVIE, Parts 1 and 2) Scott Brents (USA - Author/artist - 365 SCARY STORIES, THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DEMONS AND DEMONOLOGY and PHANTASM: FURTHER EXCURSIONS INTO OBLIVION) Richard Dean (USA - Author - COLONY, INHABITED, FINAL DEATH and LEECH) Robin Grenville-Evans (UK - Artist, cartoonist - "Young Doctors in Space" for Starburst magazine and "Lavinia Laserblast" for the Evening Times) Mark Gascoigne (UK - STARCRASH archivist, webmaster of "The Haunted Stars") Glen Alan Hamilton (USA - Author - Featured in PEEP SHOW, TRIP THE LIGHT HORRIFIC, CHIMERAWORLD, SBD, NEVERWORLDS and BRUTARIAN) Forewords By: Luigi Cozzi Caroline Munro (UK - Actor - STARCRASH, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD and CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER) Edited By: Richard Dean

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