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You Have To Be Crazy
To Ship With This Bunch!

The crew is made up of a motley bunch of semi-humanoid types who got together and decided to put up a website focused on all the fun aspects of science fiction, fantasy and Luddite IT services, bringing the best of technology that the Amish have to offer.

With that said, we are constantly out there tripping the Rift, practicing Tai Chi, flying at warp speed and generally blasting bad aliens out of the cosmos. (that's Gunmetal's job)

In between all of that, we write and post stuff, maintain a few blogs, make wallpapers, email and IM everybody and anybody who vaguely knows us and generally have a lot of fun. That it; that's our story and we're sticking with it.

We are writers and artists all, living by the philosophy that you don't wait for inspiration; it may only come every fifteen years, even if it is prize-winning inspiration. Better to adopt the mantra favored by most "working" writers and artists: butt-in-chair, hands-on-keyboard or pencil on sketchpad.

Our mission is to raise the awareness about breast cancer in the science fiction community and to act as a resource for folks seeking more information. We have breast cancer information available at: Free Breast Cancer Information & Raffle Sign-up. While you're there, enter our raffle to Win Stargate Atlantis or Battlestar Galactica DVDs.

In addition, we want to make Science Fiction Buzz an effective distraction for all people facing or going through a high-stress period in their lives. Think of us as an education resource and a safe harbor in the storms of life. Stop by and sit in our virtual hot tub and read a good science fiction novel. Kick back and take your mind off of things.

And, if you need information about breast cancer, we can help you there, too.

And we ThinkGeek, too!

The Lead Nutcase....

Code Name: Zaahn Duecalian
Real Name: Judy B.
Penname: Judith Allison
Fav. Food: Skittles & Sugar Babies
Fav. Pastime: Writing, reading & blogging
Fav. Shows: Battlestar, The Stargates & Trek

Yes, I guess the lead nutcase would be me, Judy B. or Zaahn, a pointy-eared alien I morph into when writing. I pretty much started this fiasco and found others of like mind or lack thereof to join the circus. From Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck and President Roslin are my favorite characters. From Stargate SG-1, it's Samantha Carter and from Stargate Atlantis, it's Elizabeth Weir.

Basically, any female character who kicks butt, has a sardonic sense of humor and takes no prisoners, gets my vote. It mirrors my attitude about my health and my dealings with friends and associates. If you don't want to hear the truth, don't ask me. And, I have a wild sense of humor; I'd probably take up cigar-smoking, but I don't want to risk any more cancer.

I write, post, blog and ^ping and ocassionally make wallpapers when the mood hits me. Writer, reader and lover of all things SciFi, I am in the process of writing a number of Battlestar and Stargate Atlantis fanfics and a science fiction novel. Classic Star Trek fan, Next Gen, waning through Deep Space Nine, joining the Stargate adventure, getting hooked on Stargate Atlantis and blown away by Battlestar Galactica -- that's my saga. Science fiction is really good in the 21st century.

I also hold down a real-world job as a database administrator that pays the bills and allows this zany universe to exist. I'm a breast cancer survivor and a believer in dreams. Enough said about that.

Reality is for those who can't handle science fiction. I haven't seen the real world in years.
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The Loyal Sidekick

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Holding it all together by a thread is Haeng Bok, affectionately known as Haeng (pronounced Hang) to the crew.

Haeng Bok, as her name suggests, is happy go lucky and free spirited. Her passions include writing, digital art, East Asian language study, cats, anime, and of course, science fiction/fantasy. In between episodes of the new Battlestar Galactica, she's busy looking into creating music videos, as well as expanding her wallpaper-making addiction here at Science Fiction Buzz.
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The House Bouncer . . .

When we need muscle to bounce website indigents or move virtual (and real) furniture, we call up this fella:

Code Name: Gunmetal Rockstar
Real name: Unknown
Age: Unknown (looks to be in mid 20's)
Birthday: 06/05/2079
Favorite food: Meat on top Meat with cheese on a bread product
Favorite show: Any Good Sci-fi with giant Robots/Aliens or anything that goes BOOM a lot!

Origin: Born just after the War with Machines. The Human Liberation Front trained one man to be sent back in time in order to prevent the massive super computer, Skynet, from being created. And when the first guy got run over by an errant tank on a training mission, they drew straws and picked Rockstar to replace him.

Lacking the years of intense military training, and armed with only a sketch book and a couple of pencils (he picked up the wrong bag on his), he was sent back to the year 1993. So after watching the programmers who would make 1st lines of code that would become Skynet, he figured out what he needed.

After long hours in his makeshift spaceship, he created the world's first porn dialer and unknowingly installed it in the programmers' network. Within hours, all work stopped as these well paid but lonely men began downloading high-resolution pictures on dial-up modems. (There is a point in this story - I know there is)

Months turned in years as suddenly no one wanted to build hyper-intelligent computers anymore, but instead were looking for pictures of hot celebrities in skimpy swimsuits

By 1998 the future unknown was secure, but with no way to go back, Gunmetal Rockstar decided to follow his dream and become an artist, comic book creator and superhero,. Rockstar got a degree from AIPH in Computer Animation and Animation Design. He has worked with a number of Indy comic book creators and is currently working for Rutgers in Newark, New Jersey as a consultant, as well as working on two webcomic titles to be released for the Science Fiction Buzz within the coming months.
Gunmetal's Email

The Technocrat

Known Name: Raahm Verzannt
Real Name: Rob L.
Penname: Obacht Wetzerli

If Zaahn is the lead nutcase, the Technocrat runs a damned-close second. Trapped in a separate quantum reality located between the Luddite fringe of the Pennsylvania German culture and the bleeding edge of the LRA Empire, the Technocrat frequently finds himself with one foot in the past and one foot in the future. Never quite sure where he is, he frequently finds himself muttering curse words in multiple languages while the rest of the crew wonders whether he's brilliant or incredibly stupid. The Technocrat is high-strung, hyperactive, antsy, and given to periodic hallucinations involving barn-raisings and shoo-fly pie.

Alas, the Empire has not yet found a way to transport the famous pies into the real universe, so the Technocrat has an occasional tendency to veer the ship off course to stop at the closest Intergalactic Amish Market. This, of course, is enough to make even Haeng Bok have a nervous breakdown, but fortunately the pies have a soothing effect on the rest of the crew. Meanwhile, the Technocrat begins spouting out another jag about the problems in SQL Server 15000 Service Pack 19.

Truly, it is frightening that this man is allowed anywhere near electrical equipment.

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Adding Dignity & Sanity . . .

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Oh dear, God, won't this lunacy ever end! --Catfang

Codename: CatFang
Penname: HELaurin
Fav. Food: Steak plain with no garnish, popcorn, anything she can grill via thrusters.
Fav. Show: Stargate SG-1 (Daniel Jackson Rocks!)

CatFang (aka Harriet) has enjoyed the science fiction genre since childhood, and remembers having seen the original Star Trek series when it first was launched, so it's been quite some time. Stargate (the original movie) and Stargate SG-1 are among her favorite science fiction themes to date with Daniel Jackson being her favorite character.

When she's not in 'gate mode', she leads a rather busy life. At home, she has her family (spouse, children and several cats).

In the real world, she is a Senior Systems Analyst with a major regional health insurance company, will be pursuing an MBA at Villanova University starting fall 2005, and co-owns a Philadelphia martial arts school where she teaches Tai Chi while her spouse teaches Shaolin Kung Fu.

You can learn more about her at:

Since there's no Stargate to get to other worlds, Harriet likes to vacation in the Caribbean and Mexico when her schedule and funds allow.
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The Farscape Fan & Videographer . . .

Known name: Maxine (Max)
Real name: unknown
Age: appears to be mid-20's
Favorite food: anything that's not Kibble
Favorite show: (long live Farscape!)
Favorite pastime: cruising in the Outlands; a good old fashioned quick draw contest; trying to figure out how the &$$! to get back to her own time!

Born during the formative years of the century, she lived as a gun-for-hire in and around The City. One night, while cruising through the C-Zone, a rip in the fabric of dimensional barriers sent a wave of polarized ions crashing over her bike, charging the battery pack with enough energy to nuke a small country, which was then pulled along with the resulting time/space wave into a void where time momentarily ceased to exist, before, with a loud BOOM, she found herself standing in the middle of Asbury, Park, with nary a stitch of clothing on.

After having acquired something more than a potato sack with which to dress in, she has set off on a search to locate the only clue as to what might have happened: a vague glimpse from inside the void of a very perplexed looking young man carrying a sketch book and a number of pencils.

Her journey took her into the halls of the great (cough!, choke!) institution of AIPh, where she studied hard in the hopes of uncovering clues and meeting those who could assist her on her journey home. Over the years, she grew attached to this century, despite its shortcomings and her ultimate goal of getting home stalled as she investigated the curious culture phenomenon called Sci-Fi, and it's cohort, Fantasy.
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