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Battlestar Galactica Episode Reviews starting with Season 2. We will be adding Season 1 over time.

The Best Scenes in BSG 213: Epiphanies and Revelations Abound on the Galactica - One would think that after the Cain trilogy, any episode would be a monumental letdown. Not so with this series. A number of threads all interconnect in Episode 213: Epiphanies. Laura is dying of cancer, Helo and BoomerÂ’s child needs to be aborted, and a resistance movement wants to establish peace with the Cylons at all costs. All three of these separate plot lines intersect and bring Epiphanies to a more than satisfying conclusion.

The Best Scenes in BSG 212: Resurrection Ship - Part Two (SPOILERS) - Do we find out what happens to Gina, the Resurrection Ship, Admiral Cain and Commander Adama? The answer is in the affirmative on all counts. The conclusion to Resurrection Ship and the Cain trilogy delivers on so many levels, and only those looking to find fault with the show will try their hardest to tear it down and say it was a major disappointment. But for those who have an open mind and are enjoying the ride so far, this episode will please them considerably.

Episode 211: Resurrection Ship- Part One Review: 12 out of 10 Rating - Excellent review of Episode 211: Resurrection Ship- Part One Review: 12 out of 10 Rating