Battlestar Galactica News for Friday, June 16, 2006

Here's the latest from the Battlestar realm:
  • BSG: Ron Moore Podcast Interview
  • Colonial Viper Art
  • Don't forget to VOTE! Golden Toaster Awards
  • Golden Toaster Awards
  • Sharepod - a cool ipod app
  • CONTEST: Win The Battlestar Galactica: Season Two Soundtrack!
  • News on the upcoming webisodes

BSG: Ron Moore Podcast Interview
BSG: Ron Moore Podcast Interview Ron Moore, lead writer and co-producer of battlestar galactica is interviewed by Rob Walsch (Direct link to the MP3) of podCast 411.

Some hightlights include:

  • Ron's first computer was a Mac 512. Haven't listened to many podcasts with the exception of the NPR's download of Left Right and Center
  • The podcasts are more fun than he first thought. He's kept up with it as a result. He considers them the end of the process. It's a nice way to put each show to rest.
  • He was unaware that the network listened to the podcast but they do and have made comments
  • Talked about the RDM Blog. About the passing of Michael Pillar and that unlike Star Trek where novice writers were allowed to pitch story ideas, Battlestar is different. Galactica doesn't have that option as it's a continuing storyline with story arcs and such. Trek was more episodic and could handle a standalone plot, Battlestar, by contrast, is a continuous flow.
  • He checks the message boards occassionally.
  • He's attending a couple cons in August in London and one in Los Angeles
  • When asked if he did any prep work with the podcast, he replied "No, not really. He just watches it and provides commentary. His only prep work is to call up the first story documents on the computer to see the original, figure out why theychanged things and it helps with the recall.
  • His Dogs: A big white Husky and an Australian sheppard.
  • When asked how far ahead BSG was with next season, he stated that they were shooting episode 5; reading script 9; story outlines through episode 11.

This is just some of the things he talked about. The podcast was extremely interesting.
To listen to the full audio, go here.

Colonial Viper Art
SPACEart has some really nice art of the old style Colonial Viper, for those who collect Viper art. Find out more here.

Don't forget to VOTE!
Vote in the Golden Toaster Awards Model 13. Let the world know how you feel about Battlestar. Vote Here! The Voting Booth Is Now Open!

Sharepod - a cool ipod app
Thomas Reynolds, the machinima guru of St Kilda, pointed me today at a very cool little app for your ipod called Sharepod which, judging by the URL, comes out of New Zealand. Damn those kiwis! It isn't enough that they made Claybourne? Anyway, Sharepod sits on your iPod and makes it very easy to jack your ipod into your mate's PC and move files from your iPod to the PC and vice versa. Exactly what Apple DON'T want you to do. You can bet a future iPod update will try to kill this little puppy but, until then, enjoy. Sharepod is free.

CONTEST: Win The Battlestar Galactica: Season Two Soundtrack!

To celebrate the June 20 release of the Battlestar Galactica: Season Two Soundtrack, we are happily giving away copies of the score for the show that has captivated critics and viewers the world over! Composer Bear McCreary builds on his impressive Season One accomplishments and once again delivers a sensational, emotionally rich score that ingeniously melds orchestra, vocals, percussion and synthesizer. The Season Two CD contains few tracks which are longer in length. Says McCreary, "The first one was a soundtrack. The second one is an album."
Enter the contest here.

News on the upcoming webisodes
There has been some light shed on the whole webisodes deal: The first one should be up in July, yes they are filmed with the primary actors but are shorter and more focused than regular episodes, they take place between seasons and contain important info, fans will enjoy the first few S3 episodes more if they have seen the webisodes (like we need convincing!).

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