Battlestar Galactica News for Thursday, June 8, 2006

What's New In Battlestar Galactica on Thursday, June 8, 2006: New Battlestar Galactica Cards Soon Available!; Battlestar Galactica webseries announced!!!; Battlestar Galactica campaigning for Emmy nominations.

New Battlestar Galactica Cards Soon Available!

Challenge your opponents for control of the fleet. Watch your back though, as your own cards can bring the Cylons down upon you. Learn the basics by reading through a scripted demo game.

Find out more here.

Battlestar Galactica webseries announced!!!

At the Upfronts this year, while introducing their new series and schedules, each network took time during their presentation to speak about all the new opportunities provided by providing content online and on mobile phones. The most exciting news on this front involved battlestar galactica, which airs on the NBC Universal owned Sci Fi Channel. Debuting later this year will be a Web series spin-off for the acclaimed series called battlestar galactica: The Resistance. Lasting ten episodes, The Resistance will fill in the gap between season two and the upcoming season three. source: hopefully this'll explain why Starbuck & the Tigh's are friends now!

Battlestar Galactica campaigning for Emmy nominations
Emmy voting began on June 4th, which explains all the Battlestar Galactica advertisements I've seen all over the web on industry pages lately. SciFi is campaigning pretty heavily for Emmy nominations for its highest-rated show. It has shipped the entire season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD to voting members of the academy (supposedly, some of those DVDs are for sale now on EBay).

Read the full story here.

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