BSG499: Are You Out Of Your Mind

Dradis 499: Are You Out Of Your Mind
Bi-Weekly BSG Writing Contest

The contest resumes with a twist and more words. More than a drabble; less than a novella. We are going to feature a different character every other week. Called Secrets Kept, Secrets Revealed, you can either write about the secrets that this character keeps or is keeping from others or a secret or secrets that are revealed to others. This is a weekly contest so entries are due on Saturday at 11:59 pm.

We have increased the word count to 499 words, so that you can lose your mind, at the suggestion of some of our cramped-by-word-count writers, although you don't have to go that long. You can go slightly longer as well if you need a bit more room in order to get the secret resolved.

The characters for this round is Lee Adama. We have a special month long writer's challenge that will cover the proposal below. Click on the link Dradis Speical Contest Rules for complete details.

All new banners will be issued for this contest.

This special contest will be until November 30, 2005. All entries are posted here, as well as on our archive website,

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Official Rules for the contest can be found here: Dradis Contest Rules

SPECIAL - Results from the Vote In This Special Dradis 499 Fan Fiction Challenge Poll!

Here's the proposal.

Brownie has suggested a Lee "Apollo" Adama is a cylon fanfiction challenge. Now before you start screaming, look at some of the possible story ideas that have been proposed from this one thought.

Here are some of the story ideas that would make this exciting fanfiction challenge put forth by Brownie:

  • Does he live or die?
  • Can he break his programming or not?
  • What about other copies?
  • Imagine Kara or Dee's feelings when finding out that the man they love is a cylon.
  • What will Commander Adama do upon finding that the son he's reconciled with is a "toaster"?
  • Can Lee be a cylon duplicate and still be Adama's son or are the two mutually exclusive?
  • Would this give a whole new meaning to "the children of humanity" or just become the ultimate betrayal?
  • What of Roslin when she discovers she's put unconditional trust in a sleeper agent?
  • Apollo is in place to impact even the minor characters, the pilots and technicians.
  • How is he exposed in the first place (the cylon detector, Caprica Boomer, Anders etc.)?
  • What are the effects of the revelation on his own psyche?

There are only four "Lee Adama is a Cylon" stories on the Web so far: Possibility: Crazy, Abstract, Final Moments, and Twelve (and the first three are very much alike). It would be great to see lots of new, original ones, and obviously if you just take one of the ideas from above, you have a story.

With all of that in mind, what do you think? Vote below and let us know if this is something you'd like to try.


Lee Adama is a Cylon! What do you think about this for a two-week Dradis 499 fan fiction challenge? Read Brownie's proposal above and vote for or against with 10 being great and 1 being lousy.

10 - Wow, what a unique idea. I'd love to try it! (39) 63%
9 - That's a good proposal. Let's try it! (0) 0%
8 - Sounds good. I'll give it a go. (4) 6%
7 - I'm feeling lucky. Let's write it. (3) 5%
6 - I think I'd like to try it. (0) 0%
5 - There is no five! You can't sit on the fence so don't vote here! (0) 0%
4 - Maybe. It sounds a bit crazy, but the proposal is interesting. (1) 2%
3 - WTF? Are you out of your tree. I might if there was nothing else to write about. (0) 0%
2 - Awwww, come on. I can't write this. (3) 5%
1 - Are you nuts? That won't fly in any universe! (12) 19%

Total Votes: 62

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