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October 11, 2005 10:08 - Update To Rainbow Sun Franck's Blog

Over at Gateworld, Rainbow reacts to favorable feedback about his role in The Lost Boys and what he liked about the episode. He spoke briefly about the new show and the pilot he shot in that will only air in Canada. I guess this means us poor Americans have to download it -- oh well and other interesting stuff including the last time we would see Ford in Season 2. His blog reads like his character sometimes. It's fun, upbeat and all over the map.

Check it out here.

October 11, 2005 10:41 - Sponsor Link: Ultimate Darth Vader Kit

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Ultimate Darth Vader Kit

October 11, 2005 15:59 - SFB-SGAC: Stargate Atlantis Weekly Challenge #6

The two inanimate objects are: antennae, jelly beans

The story begins with this:br>

What had this trip to Atlantis come to? Was I going insane? Had I lost my grip on reality, or were the phantasms who now haunted my days and nights just that? Ghosts carrying over from another realm, ready and willing to interrupt my peace and happiness. They had arrived without notice, and I had been forced to deal with them, each encounter more a quandary and a pain than fright-laden vision from beyond. I couldn’t help but remember the movie, The Sixth Sense - I see dead people - echoing in my mind. This was different. I was seeing dead people, or at least dead memories of relatives.

There was no one I could tell about this sudden arrival of the dearly departed – or at least that is what I thought they were – they gave no real clue whether they were ghosts or delusions from some fevered, warped portion of my brain. Everything had changed since that last mission when I was hit with lightening or laser bolts from that Ancient machine. Now these ghosts simply appeared, standing, waving, walking and mirroring many of my movements.

This fanfic challenge ends on Saturday, October 22, 2005

October 13, 2005 11:01 - Torri Charity Appearance Update

Torri is no longer listed as a guest for the Lights!Camera!Action! Charity Auction previously noted for Oct. 21-23, 2005. However, other SGA guests, as well as guests from other sci-fi shows are still scheduled to appear.

Instead, Torri and Joe Flanigan are scheduled to appear at the Armagddon Pulp Culture Expo in Auckland, New Zealand, October 22-24, 2005. Please see the site link for details on the convention.

October 13, 2005 11:09 - SciFi Junkie Icons

SciFi Junkie has added some great Sheppard icons to the Abydos website. Very nice work.

Check them out here.

October 13, 2005 11:18 - Stargate Receives Multiple Gemini Nominations!

It was announced today that both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis have received nominations for the 20th Annual Gemini Awards!

For SG-1, the episodes "New Order Part 2" and "Lost City Part 2" have been nominated for Best Visual Effects. For Atlantis, Martin Gero has been nominated for Best Writing in a Dramatic Series for "The Brotherhood," while there are also nominations for Best Achievement in Make-up and Best Visual Effects for "Before I Sleep" and "The Eye."

October 13, 2005 11:19 - Stargate Atlantis Soundtrack Announced

The CD soundtrack for Stargate Atlantis is due for release in the United States and Canada on November 15th! The exact CD contents are unknown at this time, but we will post an update when we receive more information. The set is now available for pre-order at and

The CD is due the same day as the Atlantis Season One DVD set in North America.

October 13, 2005 13:19 - 24 reasons why TV piracy is soaring


24 reasons why TV piracy is soaring
February 17 2005
by Will Sturgeon

BitTorrent popular with surfers but not television bosses, as UK blazes a trail for piracy...

Popular US TV shows such as 24 and Star Trek are being pirated in vast numbers online where whole shows can be downloaded free of charge, without adverts, and within minutes of first screening, much to the annoyance of TV bosses.

And it is The UK which leads the way, accounting for around one fifth of global television piracy, ahead of Australia in second and the USA in third.

Research released exclusively to today uncovers the full extent of this growing problem which threatens to undermine the business models of pay-TV providers and companies creating new shows.

According to web monitoring firm Envisional the amount of TV show piracy increased 150 per cent over the past year.

David Price, research consultant at Envisional, told "With popular shows such as 24 we're talking about 100,000 copies of the latest episode being pirated – with around 20,000 of those shows being downloaded in the UK. That is inevitably going to start hitting the likes of Sky, especially as the people typically doing this are the young, affluent demographic their advertisers want to reach."

Price said after each episode of 24 screens at 21:00(EST) in the US, Envisional has seen copies circulating online by 22:20(EST).

"That means users in California with a fast connection can actually watch that episode before it has even screened on the West Coast."

The growing popularity of BitTorrent software is playing a large part with Envisional claiming that 70 per cent of television piracy takes place using its software. As with Kazaa, BitTorrent is an entirely legal application but its users are making the most of its capabilities, which exploit idle bandwidth to speed file transfers, in order to download vast amounts of pirated content.

Unsurprisingly this high-tech larceny has a strong sci-fi bent, betraying the geeky culprits, with two Stargate shows and two Star Trek shows in the top 10. The list also comprises entirely US shows which typically screen on pay-TV stations long before screening on UK terrestrial television, suggesting it is an unwillingness to pay or wait to watch these shows that has sparked the piracy boom.

The top 10 pirated TV shows worldwide are:
1. 24
2. Stargate Atlantis
3. The Simpsons
4. Enterprise
5. Stargate SG-1
6. The O.C.
7. Smallville
8. Desperate Housewives
9. Battlestar Galactica
10. Lost

A spokesman for Sky, which gave many of those shows their first runs in the UK, said the company is aware of the issue of content piracy and "continues to monitor the situation closely".

"The people doing this may only have a Sky subscription so they can watch shows like The Simpsons or 24 first. If they realise they can get them for free online before they're shown in the UK they may well cancel that subscription," said Price.

Unlike the argument in favour of music downloads, Envisional's Price doesn't believe television piracy will be complementary to sales if allowed to continue.

"People will download these shows, watch them and delete them," he said.

He is in no doubt that further growth in this piracy will hit television companies but like with music the large companies are not entirely blameless. Many accused record companies of simply missing the boat with digital music, almost creating the need for illegal services such as Napster through their inactivity and inability to innovate.

"I don't think TV companies have quite missed the boat yet but it's certainly getting close to that point," said Price who cited the internet's ability to 'Tivo'-ise television content as one of the major appeals for downloading shows – beyond availability and the fact they are free when downloaded.

Source: Morjana from SG1-Spoilergate

October 14, 2005 09:53 - OT: Scifi Theme Music Quiz website

Found this neat website that's all about the sounds of science fiction. The quizzes are tough and fun.

Test your knowledge of science fiction and fantasy television and movie music by listening to short audio clips from movies and television shows back to the 50's.

Give it a try here: