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September 5, 2005 11:19 - Torri Higginson To Appear IN Charity Auction In October

If anyone is going to be in L.A. around Oct. 21, Torri will be participating in a charity auction. I was contacted today by the chairwoman for Lights!Camera Action!, a non-profit Motion Picture Industry charity organization regarding the event.

LCA's October 21-23 event benefits the West Side Children's Center and the Ronald McDonald House of British Columbia.

Torri Higginson - "Dr. Elizabeth Weir " Stargate: Atlantis
Reiko Aylesworth - "Michelle Dessler" 24
Greg Ellis - "Michael Amador" 24
David Fury - Executive Producer Buffy/Angel/Lost/24
Joseph Hodges - Production Designer 24 (Official Web Site)
Gregory Itzen - "President Charles Logan" 24
Louis Lombardi - "Edgar Stiles" 24 / "Skip Lipari" The Sopranos
Garett Maggart - "Blair Sandburg"The Sentinel
Dean McDermott - La Femme Nikita/Tracker/Due South
James Morrison - "Bill Buchanan" 24
Bill Smitrovich - "Gene McLennan" 24 / "Lt. Bob Bletcher" Millennium

All Guest Appearances Subject to Professional Commitments

For registration information please visit the LCA's website:

Report filed by Melody of the Torri Higginson Yahoo Group

September 13, 2005 14:58 - FIRST CHALLENGE WINNER: Stargate Atlantis Fan Fiction Writing Challenge

He clutched the deflated beach ball to his chest like a life preserver, fell to his knees on the edge of the sheer cliff that cut off the narrow clearing. Horrified, he stared at the panorama before him. Below lay a glistening lake, lime green trees with draping branches spread as far as he could see. A lavender sky hung above him. It all seemed almost normal, almost like Earth, except that the clouds were red.... Read More

September 15, 2005 11:45 - Don S. Davis Interview

There is an exclusive interview with Don S. Davis on his guest role in Stargate: SG-1's Season 9 Two – Part Episode `The Fourth Horseman.

Our thanks to Suzanna for this info:

September 15, 2005 11:46 - Jason Mamoa featured in Ozzy Magazine

Jason Momoa and his fiance Simmone, are featured in an article in the Ozzy magazine TV Week. Check out the HQ scans of the article which have been added to his group.

Find it here: Jason Momoa Article

Our thanks to PinkHearts of Puddle Jumper SGA Yahoo Group.

September 28, 2005 11:21 - Interesting Wraith facts from Alex Levine's SciFi Channel Blog

Interesting Wraith facts

I'll leave you with some interesting Wraith facts. 1. Andee Frizzell has played all of the Wraith queens. 2. James Lafazanos has played a lot of the Wraith males (not the ones with the masks). That's how good our prosthetic make up people are; they can make those actors look completely different. 3. Not all Wraith are green. Some are orangy green. I know, that part freaked me out too. And lastly 5. The Wraith have fashion sense. Yes, it's true. You'll see.


September 28, 2005 11:25 - Two part mid-season finale - lowest ratings ever....

The 2-part mid-season finale of Stargate Atlantis tied the show's lowest ratings ever on Friday, September 23. "Aurora" and "The Lost Boys" averaged a 1.7 household rating from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern / Pacific.

This is a drop of only one-tenth of a point from SG-1's 2-hour performance in the same time slot the previous week, and two-tenths of a point from the last Atlantis episode on September 9. It also ties the show's lowest rating in its 14-month history, set by Season One's "Home" last September.